Who is Mansoor?

My name is Mansoor Siddeeq, and I am a passionate front end designer/developer, with an affinity for usability and a flare for the creative. I am currently enjoying life as a Support Engineer at Pardot (a Salesforce company) in Atlanta, GA.

Web Projects

Sudi Tasks App

A project built on ReactJS/Redux and Firebase. I developed this site to explore how to build a multi-layered app using ReactJS for the frontend and Redux to manage the state. I then incorporated Firebase's Authentication and Firestore database to manage users, projects, etc.

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Pro Extensions

A full-service ecommerce website; I designed the website and the functionality for the new website interface as well as develop most of the frontend functionality.

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Claysmith Gaming

I designed, developed, and implemented this ecommerce site for specialty pokerchips and accessories. I also shot the product videos, designed the poker chips, and the logo.

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Cosmic Quest

This interactive game was one of the first websites I designed for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It utilizes HTML/CSS and Flash. I also created all of the icons and images.

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Branding Projects

Brewgooders Logo

This was a branding project for Brewgooders -- a company that brews good coffee (obviously). The specifications were to create a fun, modern logo that would look good on the side of a truck.

Preliminary sketches to get a feel for the direction the client wanted to go. There was plenty of great feedback from the clients at this stage, so I was able to produce a lot of high quality sketches.
More sketches; trying a slightly different approach with more defined lettering and coffee machine imagery.
Even more sketches; this time, we have narrowed it down to block letters and a more sturdy logo mark.
Final logo design.

Adara Logo

Adara is a company that curates some of the best fashion for the modestly inclined women out there, so they needed a logo that communicated this instantly. They wanted it to be simple, elegant, and timeless without feeling too luxurious or high-fashion.

The initial idea given to me on the right, and my sketch that captured the essence on the left. They loved the direction and gave me the go ahead to begin digitizing it.
Once digitized, I played around with getting an icon with fluidity and symmetry.
Final logo design.

Claysmith Gaming Branding

Claysmith Gaming is a new brand of pokerchips and gaming supplies. The initial line of pokerchips were designed to invoke the look and feel of some of the best quality and most popular casinos. Fittingly, we wanted to create a logo/brand that exudes quality, with a hint of nostalgia from these classic casinos and pokerchips.

Teh name "Claysmith" harkens back to the old days of blacksmiths and quality, handcrafted goods. This inspired my first round of sketches.
Following this line of thinking further, I pulled inspiration from 50's shop keepers and war propaganda posters to help further ellicit this feeling of nostalgia.
The final logo incorporated hints of woodgrain as well.
The initial line of pokerchips launched with the Claysmith Gaming brand.

The Simple VUE Logo

The Simple VUE is a data solutions company, and they needed a logo to reflect their ability to analyze your data and build agile and comprehensive solutions around it.

Preliminary sketches show the use of an animal avatar -- the hummingbird -- that represents agility and precision, as well as other plays on the idea of "views".
Through several revisions, we worked to create digital versions of these sketches.
Final versions presented to the client. The bottom design was the one selected.
Business card design incorporating the logo and branding.

Miscellaneous Logos

Below are some of my other logo/branding projects.

4V Studios is a marketing/media and event production company that specializes in music production and marketing/planning events. The logo is meant to capture the collective's' drive and push to create unique and engaging experiences; hence a young child standing on a cloud and reaching even higher.
Felson Billiard Supplies is a brand of billiard products and supplies. The logo seeks to exude a feeling of quality and dependability.
VCTRS Clothing is a lifestyle clothing company specializing in unique and artistic t-shirts and accessories, while Midway Monsters is a brand for niche carnival and lawn games for families and events.
Better Brands and Brewski brothers were more niche branding for general household products (Better Brands) and beer pong balls (Brewski Brothers).